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Airplane Rental

We encourage pilots to build time for an additional certificate or rating and to enjoy recreational flying!  


DA20's  $160-$165/hr.

DA40's  $240-$245/hr.

All airplanes are rented at a ‘wet’ rate including fuel.


We require a checkout (based on proficiency) prior to rental and ask you to maintain a non-owned (‘renters’) insurance policy. A minimum 20K aircraft physical damage policy is required and liability is recommended.


Client must demonstrate a sound working knowledge of and ability to proficiently and safely operate each aircraft make/model to be rented PRIOR to renting any CA aircraft for solo/non-instructional flights. 


In addition Client must also know their pilot privileges & limitations and appropriate aircraft limitations.  It's important to note DA40's won't generally be allowed to go out with 4 people on board unless specially approved by Centerline Management.


Checkouts must include but not limited to: 30 mins ground review, and a 1 hour flight. 


Ground review should include proper documentation and scheduling procedures with Flight Schedule Pro, proper aircraft servicing/fueling/securing, aircraft performance and limitations, and weight & balance considerations. 


The flight should consist of proper power plant operation, slow flight, stalls, proper stall recovery, an emergency procedure, and 3 landings. 


Please call us to discuss any questions / schedule a checkout.

CENTERLINE TRANS without txt.png
Please call us for more details about renting. 
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